A glass of beer, a county fair
Iʻm wondering what brought me here

and how am I supposed to steer the wheel
 `cause I got wings no more

So I hide beneath my sheets
the world outside keeps turning
I keep staring at my feet, these restless bones
I better wake up and run 
to the place I once came from

Break-up evenings, restarting days 
you used to live your life in haze 

and finally you realize
that you got wings no more

So you hide behind your mask
your make-up story tells me
that you have learned to skip the tests life holds for you
You better wake up and run
to the place where you come from

Iʻm sure weʻll find again our starting points 
life will take a turn like flipping coins
bring the secrets and the magic back to you

We better wake up and run
to the place where we come from
beside my wings Iʻve learned to use my mind 
to tell my arms to pull the strings
of the puppet that I am