So 1 2 3

For 20 years I tried to change the world
it didn't work, well it changed me
I learned its ways and tried them in reverse
but as far as I can see, so 1 2 3 4

It still remains an unfamiliar place
ruled by loud people screaming names
it still paints anxiety on the children's faces
so far everything remains the same

And I almost gave it up
this ain't no burden for one to take
and what drove me once I kept hidden in my head
it all remained locked up in my head

Then I met a man, he was the devil's advocate
black suite, black tie, his black eyes on my mistakes
he offered me a deal I barely could resist, he said:

"Here's the stone, there's the window
I know you got your doubts
and I appreciate them, now throw!

And I promise you they'll break 
like the revolutions pride
in tragedy they'll fall and in jealousy you'll rise
and all we gonna charge is your soul."

Well, I couldn't say I was satisfied
I may have expected something else
I found myself tied in blind alliances
fighting for no reason but to fight

But I'd rather go and face the demons on my own
because after all that i have learned 
there's no need to be afraid of ghosts
there is nothing as evil as you and me

But it was to late he'd already disappeared
and I became to what I have always feared
to next young man I said, as he was approaching me
 "Here's the stone, there's the window,

I know!"