A blade will tear the priviledged from the simple ones
dressed in red now they‘re dead
oh life you sweet enemy

Death will come invisble we will never know
dressed in black we wake up
from a life made of ...

Dreams lead the way through the darkness of oblivion
It ain‘t easy anyway to read the traces that are given
Life won‘t show up by surprise, 
with blood and tears you gonna pay for it
Life won‘t treat you ever right 
when you‘re begging for forgiveness or for more time

Oh needle of the centerfold never second-guess
dressed in white the morning light
sets an end to our ...

Dreams made out of stone are too heavy for our sleeping
And our hearts are carrying wounds, way too deep for our weeping
Life‘s an angel with dark eyes, 
they are open and theyre endless
With every new day will come the night, 
you just choose on which side you join the fight