© 2008 Domino Poets

© 2008 Domino Poets

Album: Five Leaves Left
Released Date: 2008
Label: None

Music & Text: Philipp Schalla

Start The Rain

I picked it up, kept it in mind and as a lonely stranger I turned around and left the town
You’re not allowed to stay, whatever comes, whatever may become of me, I’m through this

But as a nasty shade of doubt you still keep on calling, I hear these voices in my head
I fell like a maniac and cannot make these fetters crack you’re still after me and I can remember

No one else can cause this pain
No one else will start the rain falling onto me
No one else is free to blame as you were before you left
I hope you feel the same
Now you won’t remember me and I won’t remember you

To be honest I lost faith and I can’t believe it, maybe it’s hiding somewhere else
But I’m not allowed to stay whatever comes along the way, I’ll try to remember

I aim at a certain angel. Yes I aim at a certain angel
I aim in a certain angle but I will never hit it, I will never hit it

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