© 2011 Domino Poets

© 2011 Domino Poets

Album: The Meaning of a Helping Hand
Released Date: 2011
Label: None

Music & Text: Chuck Heard

Saturday Night

He’s a lost soul on a Saturday night,
Cruising down Central looking for the light
25 dollars and a bottle of Jim
Looking for a lady who will let him in.

Slow down, hold on
You’re too far gone
There’s the exit now.

Keep on running down this winding road
Where the rainbow ends there’s surely gold
Keep on dreamin’ never let it go.

She’s a good girl on a Saturday night
Waiting by the window in the cold moonlight
Hoping for a lover who will take her away
Praying that her moment’s going to come today.

It’s a slow dance on a Saturday night
Star-crossed lovers and they’re holding on tight
Moving together on a red dance floor

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