© 2008 Domino Poets

© 2008 Domino Poets

Album: Five Leaves Left
Released Date: 2008
Label: None

Music & Text: Philipp Schalla

My Will

My lungs are black and so is my heart, I’ve made my choice in you.

I’ve left the stage, the curtain burned, because of you my heart burned too.

Of shame I closed my eyes, too late I realized that my will’s not innocent.

So I laid my eyes on you to focus on the truth, but truth had gone, all there left were lies.

I won’t forget, nor regret, I made my choice in you

Tonight I’ll close my eyes and dream of better days, when it’s easier to face off the mirror

My will is unbroken I wish my heart could tell the same but life consists of happiness and pain.

So help my words out, help them pass the tongue and rest within their frames

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