© 2014 Philipp Schalla

© 2014 Philipp Schalla

Album: Tradewar
Released Date: 13.04.2014
Label: Papertone Records

Music & Text: Philipp Schalla

Last Ghost In Town

Oh summer days please last forever, when we were playing in the streets
Our dads when fishing in the valleys, we went tearing down our knees

And now I'm calling your old number, first when I came back to town
But all your folks said lately you haven't been around

So I will wait, until your eyes return on me
I will wait, they are beautiful as the sea

I know I should have been more closer, I should have stayed within your reach
Yet as I went out to learn from life, one day you followed me to flee

So since these old days I'm sitting here and I'm waiting for you call
That's the only thing left for me to do but at least I do anything at all

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