I AM Philipp Schalla


I do music since I was a teenager, standing in my room in front of the mirror with the hockey bat in my hands, singing out loud to Roxette’s Paint. Since then I started a punk band, I joined the best progressive metal band in town, I played on the streets, on small stages in front of 2 people and on bigger stages in front of 200 people. I played with a lot of great musicians and I played on my own.

For me music is what I feel in my heart, my soul and my body. And this is nothing I can reduce to one single style, rhythm or sound. My music is rock and pop and jazz and blues and folk and indie. And it’s not. And it's even more. My music can be too loud for a small room and too quite to be heard in a crowded pub. I like to play it fast to dance along and as slow as possible to hollow out the finest details.

My music is the most personal thing I can tell about myself. Yet this is not about me at all. This music is for all people that do not want to limit themselves to one way of listening, thinking and living. To people who believe that we all are the same in front of drums and guitars and there is no other common ground we need to communicate. This music is for you and for everyone else.



For my last record I got incredible great support by this incredible great musicians: Raquel Bergmeter (Vocals), Oliver Di Iorio (Vocals), Tobias Prokein (Guitars, Saxophone), Jaakko Johannsen (Piano & Organ), Christoph Janott (Rhodes & Organ), Nick von Utmann (Piano & Accordion), Ciro Trindade (Bass) and Christian Huber (Drums)
Thank you all!