© 2011 Domino Poets

© 2011 Domino Poets

Album: The Meaning of a Helping Hand
Released Date: 2011
Label: None

Music & Text: Philipp Schalla

As Far As I Can See

With this clouded vision I wouldnʻt mind telling you the truth. I picked them by origin, two of a kind until thereʻs nothing left but youth.

And when I spread my wings across the ocean I wonʻt get down, as far as I can see

I set direction when the seasons turn
I will choose my candle and let it slowly burn down, this ash belongs to me
I set direction without thinking twice and I will feel so lonely when love slowly dies inside, as far as I can see

And when I spread my arms across the ocean I stretch them twice as I can reach
Itʻs just that kind of emotion that drags me down, as far as I can see

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